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..........I know what you're thinking out there.
..........You who, when faced with an ever-narrowing range of music choices from disposable dance-pop, derivative hip-hop, and rock bands whose influences apparently run the gamut from Pearl Jam's "Ten" to Alice In Chains' "Dirt", asks yourself, "Doesn't anybody write songs anymore? Songs that sound just as good when you strum them on a porch as when you hear them blasting from a car radio or out of a PA system set to eleven?"
..........The answer to your hypothetical question is, "Yes." There are a few out there doing it right and struggling to be heard. One of those bands is Shrug, whose bio you're holding in your hot little hands.
..........Born in Dayton, Ohio, Shrug pulls off a combination of absorbing the good stuff from all different styles coupled with a go-your-own-way-ness that is unique to the midwest, where things tend to move slow and safe and where you need to be an alpha cat to keep from getting sucked into the routine. (Or you need to be deranged. Trust me - There is no eccentric like midwest-eccentric.) But I digress. Let's get to the heart of the matter, like I mentioned earlier: the songs.
..........Imagine the structure and attention to craft of Tom Petty's Heartbreakers combined with the edge of Johnny Thunders' Heartbreakers. Imagine Counting Crows' party being crashed by Nirvana. Or Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie refereeing a battle between Elvis Costello, The Who, REM, Steve Earle, Jeff Buckley and the Jayhawks. That should give you an idea of what Shrug is about. The signer/guitarist grew up on classic rock radio. The drummer grew up on 80s pop. The bassist's a jazzer, and the second guitarist's into psychedelia and other English weirdness. Put these ingredients in the stew, and out comes Shrug, with both a reverence for the past and a desire to take it somewhere new.
..........In a region where other outfits have withered and died, Shrug has survived, playing energetic, heartfelt, literate rock 'n' roll to a devoted following that knows a good thing when they hear it. Give 'em a try. I think you'll be glad you did.
..........The song lives!
....................- Fred Shank
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“Shrug takes you on some sort of crazy trip through their collective imagination,
with a wild blend of alternative rock and classy jazz that sounds like no one else out there.
If you're a major label A&R person looking for something fresh, this could be the catch of the day.“
Dylan Filkow, The Album Network (First Tremors), Dec.3, 1999. Issue 1072.
“Weidner's mastery of the strings gives voice to his captivating guitar along with powerful lyrics destined to be timeless.
Shrug blends an assortment of musical styles and genres with a personal touch that successfully creates a new dimension
of rock necessary in the world today. It will be interesting to see which big record label scoops these guys up!”
Jack Piatt, The Pulse (Daily Egyptian) Entertainment Director, Carbondale, IL
Regarding Shrug's latest CD, "shrug." (RRSH1103):
“The group’s most solid release to date is a hard rocking affair that should obliterate any doubt of Shrug’s viability.
Weidner makes a bid for respectability by upping the ante with greater emphasis
on electric guitars, pop melodies and vocal harmonies. And, he succeeds - this is the strongest release
from a local act I’ve heard all year. It appears Shrug has finally hit its stride.”
Don Thrasher, The Impact Weekly
“Shrug just keeps getting better. The new CD shows a respect for, and the influence of, a host of rock predecessors,
yet an individuality and maturity that is wholly Shrug’s own. Rock on.”
Carol Simmons, Dayton Daily News
"I feel lucky that a band of Shrug's caliber is from my hometown! The music industry
has been lacking band’s with passion in their music, Shrug will fill that void!"
Dan (Dan-O) Knight, WTUE (104.7 FM), Dayton, OH.
Regarding Shrug's live performance:
“With their approach of jazz/rock stylings amidst a power pop emotional outpourage of sound,
[Shrug] proceeded to fulfill the crowd’s hunger with songs new and old. The new songs were still full of passion and
Tod’s lyrical brilliance, almost as if he was taking part of some type of self-therapy ritual,
but overflowed with high energy and electricity now. But old fans need not be discouraged!
They still play the older songs ... and they still sear with delight.”
Kyle D. Mayes,
Regarding Shrug's live performance:
“Their great guitar lead folk / roots rock attack on the crowd had many people dancing
while the rest looked on tapping their toes … they seem on the verge of breaking in a big way“
Grog, Mutant Renegade Zine
"One of Dayton's premiere bands, Shrug combines clever lyrics and memorable hooks
for a truly satisfying result. In this day of ‘one-hit wonder’ bands, Shrug has an entire library of great songs...
They have honed their sound for quite some time now, equally capable of rocking out and turning a subtle ballad.
Quite simply, Shrug is a great rock n' roll band."
Tony Peters, WTUE (104.7 FM) & WING (102.9 FM), Dayton, OH.
“While the name suggests an apathetic attitude, these guys are no slackers.
The influences behind the music spans a wide range. The lyrics are inspired by such wordsmiths as Elvis Costello,
Richard Thompson and Jeff Buckley, to name a few. On the set list were two of their more sorrowful songs
‘Forget Me Not’ and ‘Sweetsirengaschamber’ with Tod’s mournful wails of ‘Make it go away’”.
Ashley Deem, Now It's Dark
Regarding airplay for Shrug's last CD, "Everything's Blowing Up Roses" (RRSH1100):
"Everyone loves ‘Disposable Soul’ it's a favorite with the listeners as well as the staff.
We have been charting them for 7 weeks now with them being in the top 5 for 5 consecutive weeks!
They are right up there with Marcy Playground and Stroke 9, Shrug is reminiscent to early Bush.
When can they get out here? Hopefully soon!"
Brian Davidson, Music Director, KSVR (90.1 FM) Skagit Valley College - Mount Vernon, WA
Question: Who do you think is Dayton's most promising up-and-coming band?
"Well … I would have to say Shrug. I have seen them live, and they are always tight
and very personal with their audience. Plus, I feel they really pay attention to song writing."
Allen Rantz WTUE (104.7 FM), Dayton, OH.
"... don't expect hippie-dippy love songs from these guys. Instead, Shrug serves up heartbreak, alienation,
and lost love on a canvas of maturity that can only be achieved by a band that has paid some dues and is still standing."
Greg Spence, The Impact Weekly
“Once in a while, a band comes along that appears to have staying power. One of those bands is SHRUG.“
Jennica L. Stout, Dayton Daily News
"If you want a category for the band, it would be easy to say they are alternative,
but no category really fits and that is what makes Shrug such a great band.
They mix elements of jazz with rock and come up with a very unique sound.
They build quite a wall of sound …Their latest album is good enough to earn the band major label interest.
The production and mixing are very professional ... this sounds like a big budget release."
David Kotlinski, Check'n The Charts'



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SoundScan Charting: for Shrug's "Everything's Blowing Up Roses" (RRSH1100)
- Over 2000 units have been reported to date with no distribution
- The CD has charted on 3 separate weeks using virtually no promotion
- Done primarily through the Venue Sales program
College radio campaign / charting:
- Prior to the official campaign that started in Fall 1999
the CD was already charting on regional stations
- Many college stations were serviced across the country
to start national campaign (went for adds on Oct 4th & 5th)
- In first week charted #17 in the country on C.M.J.'s radio 200 add's chart
- Many stations across the country have charted the CD on their top 30
charting reports to C.M.J. The following list is a sample:
WGXM - Dayton, OH - #1
KSVR - Mt. Vernon, WA - #2
WDPS - Dayton, OH - #2
WUSO - Springfield, OH - #3
WDUB - Granville, OH - #4
WOWL - New Haven, CT - #7
KSBR - Mission Viejo, CA - #8
KBLE - Kenosha, WI - #9
WOUI - Chicago, IL - #10
WBTY - Waltham, MA - #11
WTPC - Elsa, IL - #11
WRSK - Slippery Rock, PA - #13
WONB - Ada, OH - #13
WTTU - Cookeville, TN - #15
WLSO - Sault Ste. Marie, MI - #17
WNHU - West Haven, CT - #17
WCRD - (Ball St.) Muncie, IN - #18
WDBK - Blackwood, NJ - #19
WCUR - West Chester, PA - #20
KCRH - Hayward, CA - #20
WBCR - Brooklyn, NY - #21
WLCA - Godfrey, IL - #23
KNWD - Natchitoches, LA - #23
WTSR - Trenton, NJ - #23
WHEI - Tiffin, OH - #24
WMUH - Allentown, PA - #24
WXAV - Chicago, IL - #25
WCCR - Camden, NJ - #27
WVUR - Valparaiso, IN - #27
KMSC - Sioux City, IA - #28
To view a detailed report of the results of the campaign, click HERE.
- Over 190 additional stations spun the record across the country
ranging from Honolulu, HI to Ft. Lauderdale, FL as well as in Canada and all points in between.



NXNE (North By Northeast) - Toronto, Canada
CMJ (College Music Journal) - NYC
X-Fest (WXEG) - OH
Herrin Festa Italiano - IL
Little Ozark Music Fest - IL
South Gate House
Kenny's Castaway's
Canal St. Tavern
York St. Cafe
Bitter End
Oregon Express
Trolley Stop
The Spy
Byers Inn
Empty Glass
Arlene Grocery
Ned's Roadhouse
Don Hill's
Sneakers (RIP)
Elbow Room
Barrel House
Mugsy's Ent. Center
Baby Jupiter (RIP)
Top Cats
Pinch Penny
Ripley's (RIP)
Sudsey Malone
Little Brothers
and many others

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