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Below are the latest SHRUG photo's: New 8 X 10's , Bogart's & Mugsy's
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New 8 X 10's
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View & Download High Res 8x10
View & Download High Res 8x10
97.7 XPosure Finals @ Bogart's in Cinci. OH - November 23, 2002
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What a picture
Tod w/ FeedBack
Setting the mood
Howdy Bryan
Abductee closeup
Ahh the lighting
Dan & Tod
Tod hitting that high note.
Tod getting in it
Eric crooning
Tod yet again.
The whole gang
so fast - so fast
Mr. Weidner
Eric again
Thanks 97X
Eric & Bry Bry
Bogart's what a place !
Tod & Eric
Tod in his natural environment
Jammin man
What a crowd, you guys rocked
Ninga's are among us.
A view from below
Wide shot
Mugsy's Entertainmentt Center @ Carbondale, IL - 10 / 23 / 2002 (Eric couldn't make it)
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3 piece tonight
Tod closeup
Closeup on Dan
Bryan mugshot
View from the side
Wide shot
Notes a hangin'
Lady Malariaaaaaaaa.......
Now it's goin
Ahh that's perfect
MC Zesta
Groovin with the homies
Bryan assumes the position

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Bogart's pics above © 2002 Dale M. Johnson
Mugsy's pics above © 2002 Lester Murray