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Get all the latest news on the war.
Rock Records wants everyone
to remember that we are still @ WAR.
Here's to a safe, speedy & decisive victory.
Get all the latest news on the war.
Sign up for the ROCK ARMY
We are currently setting up our street team division we call the:
If you ar not familiar with street teams, they are a type of
grass roots effort on marketing and promoting bands.
The deal is you sign up to be a member of the street team
(the ROCK ARMY) by e-mailing us. in return we collect
everyone's names and when one of our bands come to play
in or near your town we send you cool free stuff
like, free CD's, posters, flyers, stickers, etc.
to help us promote the show. You can keep some of the stuff
for you to enjoy, but we will also ask you to put up and hand out
flyers and posters everywhere you can think of (music stores
book stores, coffee houses, school, etc.) places where you think
you can get people to come to the upcoming show.
Also just for helping us out we will get you into the show for FREE.
Not bad, aye. Free stuff, free show, just for helping us promote the band.
So if this sounds like something you'd want to do,
just click on the ROCK ARMY button above to e-mail us your information.
Thanks, & ROCK ON !
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