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Rock Records to host showcase @ CMJ Music Fest '99

Just announced !! Rock Records will showcase shrug (among the other bands on it's label) at the ACME Underground in New York (9 Great Jones St. i.e. 3rd st. with cross streets of Broad Way & Lafayette, 212.677.6963) on Saturday, September 18th 1999. The showcase starts at 3:00 pm to 5:30 PM it will be a FREE show with complementary drinks brought to you by Rock Records. Anyone who will be in the NY area for the CMJ fest should definitely not miss this event !! for additional information call us at 718.549.9714 (NY) or at 937.429.4351 (OH) or e-mail us at Thank you and I'll see you at the show.


X-Fest Info

shrug playing Dayton's x-fest '99.

Rock Record's Shrug was chosen to play this years x-fest '99 on Sept. 12th 1999. The x-fest is the annual music festival put on by Dayton, Ohio's 103.9 fm (wxeg). Every year the x-fest attracts more than 12,000 people and features several national acts, with this year being no different. This year's festival includes the following:

Dayton's own Guided by Voices, Fast Ball, Citizen King, Joy Drop, Men at Work, the verve pipe, fuel, Marcy Playground & now SHRUG !!


Valley-DNA media...................The Orchard

Rock Records now nationally distributed.

All Rock Record's CD's are now available nationally on all major e-stores (,, as well as all traditional (brick & mortar) stores, from best buy to all the mom & pop stores. The CD's will be available in stores on a request basis and may not be "on the shelf". For people who are interested all you need to do is have the stores look up the name of the band and cd title (at this time Shrug's "everything's blowing up roses" & Resurrection's "adult video" EP) so that they can order it for you. The CD's will be available through valley/DNA media, one of (if not) The largest one-stop in The nation. If there are any problems you can call us at The Rock Records office at 718.549.9714. And don't forget you can also order on line at For more information click here.