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Voodou MacBeth is now SupaScription ... Deal with it!

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SupaScription will be cutting new tracks, & looking for members for touring

Voodou MacBeth (now SupaScription) is back in full swing. This Monday they will be tracking 5 to 6 brand new songs and from that, 3 will be mixed for a limited edition EP that will be circulating within the industry. So if you are an A&R person, Manager, Promoter, or affiliated with the record industry just e-mail me to request your very own copy. We had a very very hard time narrowing down the choices, believe me you will be amazed. Also they wanted me to post that they are looking for a drummer and bass player to join the band for touring. Only those serious musicians dedicated to their music who will be able to tour extensively need apply. A close proximity to the New York, NY area is also a plus. This is your chance to become a member of one of the hottest up & coming bands out there. Just E-mail me for more info. Who knows you just may be the one for the job.


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Gig's of note:
SupaScription @ The Elbow Room (NY, NY) May 3rd. Click me for more details.
Resurrection @ Spiral (NY, NY) May 4th. Click me for more details.
Shrug @ Ruby Tuesdays (Columbus, OH) May 6th click me for more details.


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